Say Bye-Bye to Their Pimples, Lumps & Bumps!



Packed with high performance actives to treat breakouts, unclog pores and absorb excess oil, the Teen Clean Facial is designed to promote a clearer, hydrated, more even complexion!

The Teen Clean Facial is formulated with six components: Skin Analysis, Clean, Clear, Smooth, Detoxify and Purify.

Skin Analysis: The OBSERV Skin Diagnostic Device allows our skin therapists to take images of the skin, revealing the health of the skin from the deepest layer right through to the surface.

Clean: Double Power Cleanse, removes excess oil and grime that sits on top of the skin, along with makeup residue and dead skin cells.

Clear: Hot Towels open pores and soften the skin, allowing for extractions. Experience faster healing of acne lesions and blemishes with extractions, when done professionally. It is important to note, that not all lesions can or should be extracted.

Smooth: Pomegranate Peel is a gentle, antioxidant exfoliating treatment that leaves skin radiant, renewed and glowing.

Detoxify: Activated Charcoal Mask is a charcoal and clay-based mask that gently exfoliates skin, draws out impurities and effectively cleanses away pollutants for a visibly brighter, more radiant complexion.

Purify: Blue Light (415nm) targets the p-acne bacteria (porphyrin) without harming the skin, to improve skin clarity and reduce future breakouts. Its anti-bacterial properties, decongest and purify problematic skin and help normalise oil production. This wavelength also promotes calming and relaxation.

Call your Sheer Serenity skin experts to book YOUR TEENAGER IN TODAY or BOOK ONLINE! The Teen Clean Facial is only $99 (worth $200), valid until 30th April 2018.


The perfect home facial starts with our Teen Skin Kit designed to treat young, challenged skin, fighting breakout and congestion. Our skin therapist will help your teenager select three full-size products to customise the kit just for their skins needs.

GET A FREE TEEN SKIN KIT WORTH $99 PLUS a complimentary Observ Skin Diagnosis worth $70 when you purchase any three full-size skincare products. That’s $169 extra value for FREE!

“We introduced the Perfect Home Facial Kit, to make it super easy for your teen to give themselves a facial. Why? Because 80% of their results depends on how they look after their skin at home between professional in-clinic treatments!”

Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment at Sheer Serenity.


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